Tren Tabs [Methyl-Trenbolone 1mg] 50 Tabs – Alpha Pharma

81 USD

Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma
Form : Oral
Molecule : Methyl-Trenbolone
Concentration : 1mg/tab
Volume : 50 tabs
Recommended dosage : 0.5-1mg/day

Tren Tabs contributes to the formation of the correct forms and rough muscle contours, making them more prominent and expressive.


Tren Tabs is being used for the following with below mentioned effects

  • Lean Muscle Mass/Strength/Performance
  • Low Water Retention
  • Low Estrogenic Effects
  • High Androgenic Effects

Methyltrienolone first came to be in 1965, but had little use in humans aside from treating benign tumor growth and breast cancer. The steroid was instead used in research afterwards, and has been used to further refine other products and to study its effects on certain strains.

Methyltrienolone is not aromatized in the body, resulting in a steroid with no estrogenic properties on its own. This fact, combined with the very strong androgenic properties of Tren Tabs, creates a potent steroid that easily encourages lean, defined muscles with low amounts of water weight.

Tren Tabs strong androgenic properties and testosterone effects can be kept in check by using it in short cycles, and adding in supplements that work to reduce the common side effects of strong androgenic steroids. When taken correctly, Tren Tabs will give you noticeable gains in a short amount of time, along with fast-developing muscle mass.