Metrien-1 [Methyltrienolone 1mg] 100 Tabs – Global Anabolic

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Manufacturer : Global Anabolic
Form : Oral
Molecule : Methyltrienolone
Concentration : 1mg/tab
Volume : 100 tabs
Recommended dosage : 0.5-1mg/day

MetTrien-1 contributes to the formation of the correct forms and rough muscle contours, making them more prominent and expressive.


Methyltrienolone is essentially the same compound as trenbolone that has gone under 17 alpha alkylation so that it can remain active after oral administration. So in a basic sense, methyltrienolone offers all of the advantages of trenbolone with the added bonus of being orally active. However, that extra benefit comes with a hefty price when it comes to hepatoxicity as will be demonstrated below.

Like trenbolone methyltrienolone has an extremely strong binding affinity for the androgen receptor as well, even surpassing that of testosterone. This of course supports the assertion that trenbolone is extremely anabolic as by binding to the androgen receptor a compound is able to activate the anabolic mechanisms that are dependent upon the androgen receptor, one of
the many ways that anabolic steroids aid muscle growth. Androgen receptors also exist in adipose tissue. When stimulated by way of a compound such as methyltrienolone binding to them, this can result in a higher then normal lipolytic action. So not only does this drug help to build muscle, it can help to burn fat.

Another rather unique characteristic of methyltrienolone is its anti-catabolic abilities. Methyltrienolone binds with the receptors that interact with glucocorticoid hormones, these being catabolic hormones. By being able to inhibit cortisol and some other catabolic hormones in the body methyltrienolone is ideal for those users that are attempting to reduce body fat as the compound will help to minimize muscle wasting when running a calorie deficit.


How to use Metribolone

Keep in mind the fat-soluble nature of anabolic androgenic steroids. Therefore, they are always recommended to be taken only on an empty stomach. This increases the bioavailability of the steroid and its concentration in the bloodstream. With the injection of Metribolone, the drug is injected into the muscle tissue very slowly. It is believed that a liquid steroid is less toxic and more effective. This is due to the fact that it does not break down in the liver, bypassing its passage, enters directly into the bloodstream and thereby maintains its maximum concentration for exposure in the body.

The smallest rate with effective exposure starts at 25 mcg. Among athletes, the optimal daily dose is 500-750 mcg, which is also relatively safe. Many consider it to be the equivalent dosage of 150-225 mg of Trenbolone Acetate. It is strongly advised not to consume more than 1 mg of a steroid per day. The duration of the course is quite short – only 3-4 continuous weeks with oral administration, and 6-8 weeks – with the injection of a steroid.

The most suitable steroid partner Metribolon for gaining muscle volume and gain in strength is Testosterone. Although specifically for increasing strength characteristics, a solo course of the drug is also wonderful. As for the fat-burning effect, the drug will have to be combined with Methenolone, Testosterone (“short” ether), Boldenone. Metribolone is not advised to be taken together with other oral steroids, for example, Stanozolol, Oralturninabol. Given the specific characteristics of methyltrienolone, it is not included in post-cycle therapy.

As for female athletes and bodybuilders, this drug is off limits!. If there is a group of drug that women should not be used , this drug will fall in the first five. This drug can easily cause Virilization, even with low dosage. You can buy Metribolone in our online store.


Estrogenic side effects

Metribolone is not converted to estrogen due to the lack of aromatization. However, proximity to interaction with progestin receptors sometimes contributes to the occurrence of progestin side effects. Often, this is the accelerated deposition of fat stores and the suppression of their own testosterone production. And, given the rather close relationship between estrogens and progestins, one can also expect the manifestation of gynecomastia. And for this, only progestin activity is enough. Therefore, in order to mitigate the negative impact of progestins on the course, you will need to additionally use antiestrogens. This will help reduce the risk of breast tissue growth.


Androgenic side effects

This drug is classified as anabolic steroids. Therefore, the occurrence of negative androgenic responses is not excluded. Athletes need to be prepared for increased oily skin, acne, and facial / body hair growth. Women are categorically not advised to use Metribolon. But, if nevertheless, the athletes made such a decision, then it is worthwhile to get acquainted in detail with the problems that the virilization effect carries. This is a lower gross voice, problems with the menstrual cycle, a modification of the texture of the skin, the appearance of facial hair, an increase in the clitoris. To mitigate the androgenicity of the drug, Finasteride is powerless. Metribolone does not interact with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.


Cardiovascular side effects

Often, AAS have a significant effect on the cardiovascular system, and not for the better. They are able to upset the proper balance of cholesterol in the bloodstream by increasing the level of “bad” and decreasing the “good” cholesterol. This imbalance causes atherosclerosis. But the effect of each steroid is different. The harmful effect of the Metribolone cycle on cholesterol is also due to its non-aromatizing structure. The negative effect of AAS is also recorded on triglycerides, the process of reduction and relaxation of the walls of blood vessels. This is a sufficient prospect for hypertrophy of the ventricles of the heart, serious cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack, stroke.


Effect on the liver

Due to the fact that Metrien is a 17-alpha-alkylated drug, it is able to enter the bloodstream with a high concentration and will not be destroyed when taken orally. However, this is precisely what makes it hepatoxic. Take such steroids should be very careful. Abuse of dosages and duration of the course can lead to serious liver damage. It is necessary to strictly observe a very fine line: more is possible, but is it necessary? Therefore, athletes always try to visit the attending physician while taking the anabolic to constantly monitor the state of the liver organ. Usually, in order to avoid liver stress, the steroid course is calculated for 6-8 weeks, but with this drug you should not increase the program so. It is better to limit yourself to only 4 weeks. essing the production of endogenous testosterone. The return of testosterone to normal and its own production begins a month after the termination of the steroid course, sometimes after four months. Possible temporary atrophy of the testicles. You can order metribolone for sale in our store.