Sustanon 250 [Testosterone Complex 2500mg] – 10ml – Black Dragon

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Manufacturer : Black Dragon
Form : Injection
Molecule : Sustanon-Mix of Testosterone
Concentration : 250mg/ml
Volume : 10 ml
Recommended dosage : 250-1000mg/week

Sustanon Testosterone Mix is the most popular steroid in the range of injectable steroid with the trade name of Sustanon. In general, Sustanon is a mixture of four different testosterone components. It includes propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. While they have different proportions, they are able to provide multiple benefits to the user.


Sustanon 250 by Black Dragon 250mg

Sustanon 250 is a trading name for an oil-based injectable blend of four esterized testosterone compounds:

• 30 mg of Testosterone Propionate
• 60 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
• 60 mg of Testosterone Isocaproate
• 100 mg of Testosterone Decanoate

The different Testosterone esters provide for different half-lives. Rasterization of the testosterone molecules provides for a sustained release of testosterone from the injection depot into the blood plasma. Sustanon is a very popular anabolic steroid product among those that use anabolic steroids for muscle building purposes.

The results of the use of Sustanon are excellent and they are accompanied by a pronounced androgenic activity. Therefore, it is mainly used for the mass gain cycle and contributes to the exceptional increase in strength and muscle mass.