Altamofen [Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg] 50 Tabs – Alpha Pharma

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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma
Form : Oral
Molecule : Tamoxifen Citrate
Concentration : 20mg/tab
Volume : 50 tabs
Recommended dosage : 10-20mg/day

Nolvadex is a powerful anti-estrogen and a favorite of bodybuilders. It avoids the feminization phenomena that occur frequently at the end of a cycle of anabolic steroids such as gynecomastia.


Altamofen Tablets Tamoxifen Citrate

Altamofen is composed of tamoxifen citrate. This is not an anabolic steroid but an oral anti-estrogen.

Altamofen Prevents:

– Gynecomastia while decreasing water retention and fat.
– It allows the recovery of testosterone production in the testicles.

This drug is not toxic nor have any side effects been seen in athletes who used the drug as an anti-estrogen. This drug is the most popular anti-estrogen among steroid users.

Side Effects Of Drug:

Steroid users take Nolvadex to prevent the effects of estrogen in the body. This estrogen is most often the result of aromatizing steroids. Nolvadex can aid in preventing edema, gynecomastia, and female pattern fat distribution, all of which might occur when a man’s estrogen levels are too high. Also, these effects can occur when androgen levels are too low, making estrogen the predominant hormone. This can occur when endogenous androgens have been suppressed by the prolonged use of exogenous steroids. Nolvadex works by competitively binding to target estrogen sites like those at the breast.

Altamofen Dosage:

It is considered to be a wise choice to take this drug during any given steroid cycle. The most often cited dosage amount used for maximized effectiveness has been noted as ranging between 10 – 20 mg per day.