Halotestin [Fluoxymesterone 10mg] – 30 tabs – Meditech

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Manufacturer : Meditech
Form : Oral
Molecule : Fluoxymesterone
Concentration : 10mg/tab
Volume : 30 tabs
Recommended dosage : 20-40mg/day

Halotestin Fluoxymesterone is one of the most powerful oral anabolic steroids. It helps to increase strength without weight gain caused by fluid retention.
Halotestin Fluoxymesterone, commonly known as “Halo”, is among the most powerful oral anabolic steroids available. The analyzes show that Halotestin is 20 times more anabolic and almost ten times more androgenic than the testosterone. It is also more powerful than Anavar.


Halotestin – 30 tabs – Meditech

The Halotestin is a steroid with the potent androgenic property but it has a low anabolic action.
Its active ingredient, fluoxymesterone, is a derivative of methyltestosterone and is intended to be administered orally. Because of its properties, Halotestin is mainly used by athletes looking to develop their strength rather than their muscles.

What Is It Used For?

Weightlifters and weight specialists that are required to remain in a certain weight class often use Halotestin because they seek above all to increase their strength without gaining weight.

Bodybuilders use this preparation almost exclusively when preparing for a competition. The active substance in Halotestin is highly androgenic but changes only very few components, it is what allows athletes to achieve high levels of the androgens and estrogens keep the concentration at a relatively low level.
The Halotestin allows builders with a little excess of fat to get firmer and stronger muscles. Although the muscles do not grow in size, they take a more massive appearance because their tone improves. This phenomenon is also facilitated by the fact that a daily dose of 20 mg causes no fluid retention.


The Halotestin allows users to pursue a rigorous and intensive training during a diet because it increases the aggressiveness of many of them. It is also one of the reasons why this is popular among weightlifters, powerlifters, footballers, and especially boxers.

Dosage Information

The generally observed daily dose is from 20 to 50 mg. Bodybuilders take most of the time only 20 mg per day while powerlifters often take 50 mg or more per day. The number of tablets is generally divided into two equal doses, respectively taken in the morning and evening with water. Since the tablets are alkylated in alpha-17, they can be taken at mealtime without losing their effectiveness.