Bonavar [Oxandrolone 2.5mg] – 50 Tabs – Body Research

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Manufacturer : Body Research
Form : Oral
Molecule : Oxandrolone
Concentration : 2.5mg/tab
Volume : 50 tabs
Recommended dosage : 20-30mg/day


Bonavar 50 Tabs – Body Research

Oxandrolone is one of the very few steroids that does not aromatize into estrogen, at any dosage, which has various advantages for the Athlete.

Common uses and directions for Bonavar / Anavar, oxandrolone Oxandrolone has often been used as a growth-promoting agent in the therapy of boys with growth delays in adolescence. Oxandrolone is also used in treating girls affected with Turner’s syndrome, another growth-delay ailment.

In obese individuals, oral oxandrolone has been shown to decrease subcutaneous abdominal fat more than Testosterone enanthate or weight loss alone, and it also tended to produce favorable changes in visceral fat.